Woman’s horror after she ended up sitting on superglued swing in vile prank

A woman found herself in a sticky situation when she sat on a child’s swing smothered in superglue.

Firefighters had to use petrol to deactivate the superglue and free the woman from the playground.

It is thought vandals maliciously smeared the strong adhesive onto the swing in a wicked prank.

The swing could have likely been used by an unsuspecting toddler or child playing in the park, before the woman fell victim to the trap.

Residents took to Facebook to share their concerns after the worrying incident which took place at 5.30am on Monday in Bedale, North Yorkshire.

“So sad to read this. Why do people do things like this?” one person said.

“I just don’t understand. I hope the lady was okay afterwards.”

Another fumed: “What is wrong with people? What is worrying is who walks around with glue? It is either done on purpose or they’re on glue.”

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service was sent to the park to rescue the woman.

“A crew from Bedale were called to a female whose hand had become stuck on the chain of a swing,” a spokesperson told York Mix.

“This was caused by superglue that had believed to have been placed on the chain maliciously.

“Crews used petrol poured onto the glue to separate.”

It is not the first time firefighters have been called out to rescue people who have found themselves stuck in baby or toddler swings.

Over the summer, crews were called to a swathe of incidents where teenagers had squeezed themselves into the tiny rubber seats.

The chaos was sparked by a TikTok challenge which encouraged youngsters to get inside while being filmed.

One county saw 18 teens have to be cut free in the space of two months.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Services said 14 of those incidents happened in May alone, with some requiring them to dismantle the whole swing.