Wild bear takes dip in family pool and eats from bin as it makes itself at home

A mischievous bear was spotted in a home digging through bins and taking a dip in the family pool.

The furry beast was caught on camera by an amused resident in Chatsworth, a suburban neighbourhood near Los Angeles, California.

The remarkable footage of the incident caught the bear “just enjoying life” according to homeowner Dr Alon Antebi and his fiance.

Alon’s fiance Mindie Hernandez said in the footage the bear “made himself at home in our house” as he foraged through bins, raided the outdoor kitchen, nosed at the jacuzzi and even spilled beer in the fridge.

The doctor said: “Yesterday we were having morning coffee and he came up literally three feet away from our glass door, our dogs started barking so he ran off, went into the pool, then jumped the fence.”

Alon revealed he has called animal control about the creature, but they informed him there was little they could do unless the animal became more aggressive.

The Chatsworth neighbourhood is “in the bear’s natural habitat”.

The couple gave the bear an affectionate nickname, calling him Baloo after the somewhat cuddly and jaunty bear character from The Jungle Book, but insisted they are aware that the animal prowling their home is a “dangerous animal”.

He added: “Obviously, he’s a dangerous animal, so we have to be careful especially with our dogs, but we’ve been told by our security that animal control will not come unless [we’re] in immediate danger.”

Incidents like this are not uncommon and in September a woman received a shock when she discovered a bear ripping apart the inside of her Range Rover while she was on holiday.

Vicky Costantini, 49, said she was “completely stunned” by the incident and that the “worst part was the smell”.

“It was foamy at the mouth when it came out. It was probably very dehydrated from having been in there so long. It was pretty desperate to get out,” she said.

Vicky and her friends were woken up by sounds coming from her car they needed “to open [the car] to figure out what was in there”, but there was so much condensation inside the vehicle it was hard to see inside.

Bears are a staple of Californian nature and an even feature on the Golden State’s flag, with over 30,000 estimated to be living there at the moment.

There are two subspecies of black bear living there with the brown grizzly bear extinct for nearly a century.

Male black bears can grow up to four feet at shoulder height and weigh around 25 stone.