Dog goes viral for her beautiful hair that ‘looks like Rapunzel’

A pet pooch has sent the internet into a frenzy with her luscious locks that make her look “like Rapunzel”. Hattie the cocker spaniel has gone viral on TikTok after her owner posted a satisfying video brushing her beautiful coat, captioned: “I could sit and comb my dog’s hair all day long.”

The clip was viewed 19.1 million times, attracting envious comments from humans who said the dog’s silky smooth hair put their own to shame. Some jealous TikTokers demanded to know Hattie’s extensive haircare routine, while others joked they were going to show the footage to their hairdressers for reference.

The popular video was liked by 2.9 million people and garnered attention from verified influencers and businesses, with one person commenting: “I never thought I would be jealous of a dog but here we are.”

“Showing this to my hairdresser as a reference pic,” someone said, while another agreed: “I am showing my hairdresser those bangs.”

The TikTok account @hugo.and.hattie has lots of videos showcasing cocker spaniels Hugo and Hattie’s hair.

On one clip of Hattie’s brunette locks, a user commented: “I genuinely thought that was a human in the beginning and I was like damn she has nicer hair than I do.”

Somebody else joked: “L’OrĂ©al gonna sign her for shampoo commercials.”

Their owner revealed that she achieves model-like locks using a specific dog shampoo containing vitamin E, coconut and shea.

“To keep their coats shiny and smooth, I wash their hair once a week with a good shampoo and conditioning massage and comb it every day,” she explained.

Hugo’s hair is so long and healthy that she even braids and plaits it like a human’s.

Dog shampoo videos have garnered popularity on TikTok, with over 45 million hashtags of #dogshampoo, but experts have warned there may be dangers.

Dr Sean McCormack, head vet at, advised pet parents against using human shampoos on dogs, as they can have serious health consequences.

He specifically warned of purple shampoo, which is designed to neutralise brassy and yellow tones in blonde human hair.

One bizarre TikTok trend encouraged dog owners to use the product on their pets, but Dr McCormack said “chemicals within the product cause skin irritation”.

He explained: “Purple shampoo contains high levels of citric acid, an ingredient in lemon juice, which plays a role in lightening the hair.

“While citric acid is safe to consume for humans, high levels are not suitable for dogs, causing irritation, upset stomach and can even be toxic.”